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Unfortunately due to poor weather conditions our Skydive could not go ahead for the 21st of October. The team are working on arranging another date for our skydivers, so watch this space!!! 

Our Fundraisers have done a phenomonal job in raising money for the computer centre and we are incredibly grateful to every donation. We still have a long way to go and thank you for all your support so far!! 


We are doing our very first skydiving fundraiser! Our aim is to improve the education of war-affected children in North and East of Sri Lanka. Most of these children have devastatingly lost one or both of their parents and therefore education becomes less of a priority. However, we believe every child has the right to an education and therefore we are working to change this! We are currently raising money for a new skills and development centre for the children and we need your help! 

When is the Skydive? TO BE CONFIRMED 

Where is the Skydive? 

Chatteris Airfield 

Block Fen Drove 

March, PE150 FBT

How can I find out more about the charity?

Find more about all our projects by clicking on: 

What is our Skydive fundraising for, you ask?

Our Information Technology and Skills Development Centre in Visvamadhy, Mullaitivu. OUR AIM is to establish a place to allow the community to become computer literate and develop abilities for better communication with the outer world. 

We believe that smaller villages and communities, such as Visvamadu, who are still recovering post-war, should be given the same opportunities as the rest of the world, including moving forward in terms of education and technology. 

We aim to begin construction for the centre in December and need all the help we can get! 

How can I get involved? 

Whether you want to skydive to raise money, know someone who does or want to help in other ways, please get in touch! You can email us on: or messafe us on Facebook: childfirstuk1 or Instagram: childfirst_uk. 

Please do note that we have limited spaces left for the skydive so if you are interested, contact us as soon as you can! 

This your oppurtunity to do something amazing and fun whilst making a huge difference to the lives of many children!

Look forward to seeing you all soon! 

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