Cirencester Jaundice Meter Appeal

Cirencester Hospital League of Friends Jaundice Meter Appeal

Safeguarding new babies in Cirencester

We aim to raise funds for specialist technology which will safeguard new babies in Cirencester from the life changing consequences of high jaundice levels.

With your help, we can equip our community midwife teams in Cirencester with portable ‘Jaundice Meters’ allowing them to diagnose babies at risk and respond rapidly to prevent serious illness.

How your support can help to safeguard new babies

Most babies experience some jaundice in their first days and weeks at home, it is often just naturally occurring but also has the potential to lead to more serious conditions such as kernicterus which can cause brain damage. It’s important that we find out the cause as quickly as possible as time is a key factor in the treatment of new babies with serious illness.

We aim to equip our community midwife team in Cirencester with new portable technology called a ‘Jaundice Meter’ which will enable them to identify babies at high risk at the earliest possible stage and move them rapidly into treatment, giving us the best possible chance of preventing serious illness in newborn babies.

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Team Murray

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Helen Sparkes


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

This is such a good cause.