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DSActive is a sports programme for people with Downs Syndrome administered by the Downs Syndrome Association. It works in partnership with the charitable arms of professional and community football clubs and LTA recognised tennis clubs across the country. DSActive’s conception came after a number of DSA members expressed their need for Down’s syndrome specific sports sessions, as their child was unable to fully enjoy the benefits of sport in either mainstream or PAN learning disability sessions.

The aim of DSActive is to provide children and adults with Down’s syndrome a fair opportunity to get involved in sports. The programme was formed in 2006 and has continued to grow ever since.

People with DS enjoy sport like their peers and want the same opportunities to play. It is however, often more difficult for individuals with Down’s syndrome to partake in sport and exercise as a result of the condition, which also has physical characteristics.

DSActive set out, and has so far succeeded in offering these players a chance to participate in sport at a level in which they are comfortable. The sessions that are offered have hugely increased the satisfaction of taking part in sport for players and their parents alike. More impressively, the programme has offered sport to many individuals who previously had limited opportunities to be involved.

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