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Our bees need your help!

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust aims to raise £50,000 to help the bees.

What’s happened?

Both our bumblebees and honey bees are in serious decline and two species have already been lost.

One problem is loss of habitat, and therefore food, as 97% of our flower rich grassland has gone since the 1930s due to changes in land use.  Rarely can you find a meadow full of wild flowers and alive with bees and butterflies, once common.

Honey bees are suffering due to the Varroa mite which causes colonies to collapse and pesticide use has affected all bees by entering the food chain.


We need to raise funds now to:

  • Restore 50 hectares of grassland to flower rich meadows to provide pollen for the bee
  • Work with landowners and farmers to set aside areas for wild flowers
  • Encourage gardeners to plant mini meadows and swathes of nectar rich plants
  • Advise everyone to think carefully before using pesticides

This summer we are:

  • Holding a Bee Summit at Derby University
  • Running a series of wild flower walks and events


Why the urgency?

If we don’t act now to help our bees our gardens and meadows will be silent, our farms barren and our very future at risk.

We can all make some simple changes that will have a massive difference – donate now to help Derbyshire Wildlife Trust help the bees.


Have you found a knitted bee? 

In return, please make a donation to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and help us create havens for wildlife and bees!

Ps: Don’t forget to name your new friend and share a picture of him or her  on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Find out how to help bees in your garden

You can now find out how to help encourage more bees into your garden and book a ticket to Derbyshire’s first ever bee convention this June by visiting our website: 

Thank you!

Photos,  Jon Hawkins, Surrey Hill Photography or Kieron Huston, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust 

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