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The Denys Carnill Award

The Denys Carnill Award

Why we need your help

Denys CarnillDenys Carnill was a legend of the teaching profession and one of the inspirational figures of Dean Close. His kindness, generosity and passion are the characteristics we want to promote through these awards. Now those who learnt from him are joining together to commemorate his life through the funding of a special bursary in his name.

For individuals who will inspire others

The aim of the fund is to provide places at Dean Close for talented and financially-deserving boys and girls into the future. In particular, the award will be used to support pupils who will really contribute to school life, take part and inspire those around them.

Funded by those he inspired

Just as Denys encouraged his pupils to take part, rather than stand on the touchline, a key aim of this initiative is that a really significant percentage of those who learnt under Denys will contribute to the fund – from the very modest donations upwards; it’s the taking part that matters.

Dean Close will match pound for pound what you contribute to the Denys Carnill Foundation Award. So, commitments totalling £15,000 per year for five years will fund a Denys Carnill Foundationer.

Denys Departing for the Olympics


 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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Dec 28, 2019


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