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EducAid Sierra Leone
EducAid Sierra Leone

Urgent EducAid Covid-19 Appeal

Why we need your help

We had hoped that Africa might be spared the turmoil of COVID-19, but sadly, that will not be the case. Sierra Leone’s first case of the coronavirus has just been confirmed (31st March). EducAid’s experience through Ebola has prepared us well for what is to come, but it also means we know all-too-well the harsh realities ahead.  During Ebola, EducAid worked tirelessly to keep communities safe and find innovative ways to help learning to continue during 8 months of school closures.

While this is a time of uncertainty, this is what we know for sure:  EducAid has never backed away from a challenge. We know what we need to do and we need your help to do it. 

We started working to prevent the spread of the virus and misinformation as soon as the first cases were recorded in Africa. Yesterday (31st March) was the last day of school for an indefinite period, across Sierra Leone. For the last two weeks, we have been working on how to keep the children and communities we serve safe and, if possible, still engaging with their education. This is always our highest priority.

So far we have:

  • Distributed WHO recommendations and information about COVID-19 to the remote communities we serve in audio, written and symbol / icon formats.
  • Recorded public health messages with information about the virus in Themne, Krio, Korankoh, Limba and other languages for dissemination to strengthen resilience and arm communities with essential information. 
  • Prepared learning packs, as well as, virus information packs to send home with students to prevent misinformation and to inform communities about how to prevent spread of the virus
  • Prepared and recorded remote learning lessons for distribution by radio and other methods.  EducAid is taking a lead role in the Teaching Service Commission radio programming.
  • Reviewed bodily autonomy lessons and supported boys and girls to take measures to avoid the increase in child pregnancy that was experienced during the Ebola school closures
  • Reviewed proper handwashing and increased hygiene protocols in schools
  • Updated Ebola protocols, guidelines and processes for all EducAid sites, highlighting the differences between Ebola and corona contagion routes


We now need your help so we can:

  • Keep EducAid students with nowhere else to go safe and learning at the schools they call home
  • Continue to pay EducAid staff – while their job descriptions may change, there is much work to be done and even more when schools reopen – this is an opportunity to train and prepare for the enormous setbacks our students will have to overcome when they return to us.
  • Make sure learning continues across Sierra Leone in innovative ways that reach as many communities and children as possible. EducAid has built an incredible network and is a trusted name in Sierra Leone.
  • Ensure our schools are not only ready to reopen and programmes ready to continue, but that they reopen even stronger to meet the changing needs of the children and schools we serve.

We cannot do this without your help. We have quickly adjusted our work in response to the covid-19 pandemic, but we know that we will be facing a dramatic drop in income in the months ahead. Much of our income comes from events that will now not take place, from schools that will now be shut throughout the next term or more, from funders and trusts who are also experiencing challenges.  Without your help, all we have built over the last 25 years is in jeopardy. 

We know the months ahead will be difficult ones for all of us. We are keeping all of you, our EducAid family, in our thoughts and prayers as we all navigate the uncertainties ahead. We will be sure to send updates on the situation and continue to send sunshine and good news to your inbox to show you how your continued support is doing extraordinary things in Sierra Leone. 

EducAid’s stability has always come from our supporters. Please give what you can to help EducAid weather the inevitable challenges ahead.


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Aug 10, 2020

Jean Weiss

(plus 7.50 giftaid)

Jul 21, 2020

Emma Massey

(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Jul 10, 2020

Mary Craddock

Very happy to support such an important cause.

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Jun 26, 2020

Olivia J

Keep going for the kids

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Jun 10, 2020

Mike Benford-Miller

In thanks for Lucy Howling?s gift of love. Eileen and Mike.

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Jun 10, 2020



May 23, 2020

John Peet

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

May 12, 2020


Hope this will help in your great work.

(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Apr 25, 2020

Kamagbengbeh Community

Thinking of you at this time as together we fight COVID19

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Apr 23, 2020


(plus 5.00 giftaid)

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