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Finchley Reform Synagogue
Finchley Reform Synagogue
The FRS High Holy Day Appeal 2021

The FRS High Holy Day Appeal 2021

Why we need your help

For our High Holy Day appeal this year, we are raising funds primarily for Eighth Rung*

What is Eighth Rung? 

Eighth Rung is an FRS initiative, aimed at helping people find their way out of homelessness. 
We provide funding for long-term, sustainable support strategies.
We take our name from Maimonides, who said the highest level of tzedakah is helping atperson become self-sufficient. 
Our long-term goal? For those we support to no longer need to depend on charity. 

As we build our new home, we remember those who have no home 
Great news - Most of the money raised from the High Holy Day Appeals in 2020, 2021 and 2022 will go to Eighth Rung. 
Our hope - FRS members will link the project with our amazing new building, and think of it whenever they think of FRS.

Where will the money go?
•    Money raised by Eighth Rung will fund a full or part-time support officer employed by Homeless Action in Barnet, HAB. 
•    FRS has a relationship with HAB that goes back decades, through our work providing lunches for homeless people and running the winter and Christmas shelters. 
•    The support officer will work with clients moving into temporary accommodation in shared houses or into private rented accommodation. 
•    The aim is to ensure that rough sleepers gain access to housing and are provided with appropriate individualised support to maintain that tenancy and establish roots in a community. 

How much do we need?
Last year’s High Holy Day Appeal raised more than £30,000. Whilst that is a significant amount, it comes from only around 220 family units – a quarter of the FRS membership. 

*In addition, a small percentage of the donations will be shared between the Belarus Project and the FRS Tzedakah Fund

How you can support us

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