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By signing up to a pledge, you offer to help Foundation for Change, or a service user of the organisation with funds for a specific set of costs.  These could be:

- Refreshments for service users such as tea, coffee, milk and biscuits (£20)

- Accreditation costs for an individual which pays for the qualification they receive on the NEXT Project (£50)

- Printing costs for 30 training manuals (£140)

- Travel expenses for the three-month course (usually around £240)

- Travel expenses for a Volunteer with Foundation for Change for a six-month duration (£400)

  - You can also sponsor one or more people to go on the NEXT Project for its entire nine-month duration: 12 weeks of initial group work followed by a six-month supported voluntary placement. We can provide updates on how your sponsee is doing and what your funding has enabled them to achieve.  A place on the NEXT Project costs in the region of £1600. 

Or, feel free to make a donation of your choosing. All donations help to keep our charity running.

Select the amount you wish to give

£20.00  Refreshments for service users e.g. tea & coffee

£50.00  Accreditation costs for an individual

£140.00  Printing costs for 30 training manuals

£240.00  Travel expenses for the three month course

£400.00  Travel expenses for a volunteer with FfC

£1600.00  Sponsor 1 person for 9 months on the NEXT project

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