Fifty-Fifty - Christmas 2018 Campaign

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We are so grateful to those who have supported Discovery Centre through the Christmas fundraisers. We try to focus on areas that will bring the most cost effective benefit. That has certainly been the case during the last two years when we have been  able to install a borehole and last year, the first phase of solar panels. These have sigificantly reducing ongoing costs, but have also suppplied an independet source of electricity and water.

This year two areas have been identified, thus the name of the campaign '50/50'. The two main areas are:

Aim 1 'Repair'

Although all the buildings at D.C. are structurally very sound, due to the tropical climate the fabric of the buildings suffer. To keep the buildings in good condition the first aim of this year's fundraiser is to repair and renew the exterior of the Education Centre.

Aim 2 'Recycle'

At D.C. we have operated an interest free loan scheme. This has been very beneficial to its recipients. Funds have been invested in livestock, the purchase of plots of land and building materials, eliminating the need to pay rent. It gives people a 'step up' as the money is recycled (as loans are repaid the money can then be loaned to others). The second aim therefore is to increase this fund so that more people can benefit from it.

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