Form Feeding Fund at Bansang Hospital

The Bansang Hospital Appeal is an award winning charity dedicated to improving healthcare delivery in a remote region of The Gambia, West Africa. Since 1992, its founder Anita Smith MBE has dedicated her life to reversing its once terminal decline. 

Thanks to Anita's efforts and the support of so many concerned individuals and organisations, Bansang Hospital has transitioned from a place of darkness and misery to now being awarded the 'Best Performing Public Hospital' and the 'Best Hospital for Services and Patient Care' in The Gambia. It's a remarkable place; one that we are pleased and proud to be able to support.

Why donate to the Form Feeding Fund (FFF):

This fund allows patients and carers in vulnerable conditions to receive financial support to buy food and medicine to alleviate extreme hardship and encourage recovery.

Below are two examples of the impact this fund has had upon patients that are in acute medical and financial distress. 

Young boy, 16 years old and abandoned with only weeks to live. He had terminal cancer, huge tumours all over his body and cancer attacking his internal organs. Left alone to die, no comfort from family or friends. The FFF supported him with anything that he asked for: milk shakes, eggs, meat, fizzy drinks and loving care from the staff.

A baby girl was born with a life-threatening disease. Mother cried every day, no visitors for 8 weeks and rejecting her baby. The hospital staff were able to encourage her by providing medication, funds to return to her village that is a long distance away from the hospital, and further funding to return for follow up treatment and care.

With every product sold, Form donates the equivalent to a meal to a family in need in Bansang, but we can do much more for the communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and have a greater impact with additional support.

So please, join us. Help us continue to be there for those patients who have nowhere else to turn.

Thank you

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