Give a Child a Chance

Give a Child a Chance raises money for disadvantaged children living in Berkshire. This includes young people with physical/learning difficulties, psychological/behavioural issues, those in care and those living in areas of deprivation. The appeal funds children up to the ages of 18, and to 25 for those with disabilities. Since 1985 we have raised over £1M to provide a wide range of support from tailor-made trikes, pushchairs and wheelchairs to specialised computers, learning aids and therapeutic equipment.

In some areas of Berkshire, oiver 25% of children are living in poverty. There number of homeless households in Reading is 10 times what it was in 2010. Across the county over 5,000 children live with physical difficulties and over 4,000 live with learning difficulties.

We want our children to be healthy, safe, and happy, to achieve, make a positive contribution and to have economic well-being. Monies raised go to where the need is most. You can help make a real difference to young people living on your doorstep.

Help us to raise £50,000 each year to support disadvantaged young people by donating, spreading the word and fundraising.

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