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Fund Masaka Hospital Frontline Workers

Why we need your help

The Masaka Regional Referral Hospital serves a catchment area of two million people. The brave staff there work to save lives. But under-equipped and under-funded, the medics face huge challenges every day.

As much of the world re-opens, Uganda is fighting a huge surge of new Covid-19 cases. Fewer than 2% of people have been vaccinated; and the health service is not able to deal with a large surge of the Delta variant.

Doctors, Nurses, and support colleagues on the frontline are bravely rising to the challenge - but desperately need your support. On this page we tell some of their stories and how you can support them - click 'Read more' below!

This is the Go Fund Masaka Healthcare Workers campaign. Organised by EcoBrix, The Uganda Foundation, and The Uganda Marathon. Every penny you donate will go directly to Masaka Hospital to fight Covid.

Please help in any way you can!

Dr Emmanuel Kaggwa

“I have been working at Masaka Referral Hospital for the past 5 years and I have never seen it this full before. In these times of COVID-19 I manage the community testing program. On a daily basis my team test 170 people of which on average 70 are tested positive for the virus.

Every person tested positive is given Vitamin C & D tablets, plus Zinc Sulphate to help in boosting their immune system. Azithromycin is given to those whose symptoms worsen and need the antibiotic to help fight off and kill the bacteria.

We are in desperate need of more testing kits and medications. Hospital beds are full, so we now want to catch the virus early in people so as we can provide homecare treatment”

To support this work you can Go Fund Dr Kaggwa and his team with a donation of £1,000 - this will buy them:

10 Home based care bags containing: a pulse oximeter, blood pressure machine, a glucometer and a thermometer, Stethoscope, Surgical masks, Apron, N95 masks, Face shields, Medicines, testing kits and hand sanitizer) Thank you so much for your support to this hero!

[b]Lab Tech Masereka Robinson[/b]

"I am wearing the ideal PPE equipment that my team and I need to work safely within the COVID-19 isolation unit at Masaka Referral Hospital.

All our beds are full and we are having to share PPE equipment amongst doctors and nurses just so we have some protection. There are 300 staff at Masaka Referral Hospital of which 200 are doctors and nurses.

PPE equipment supplied to the hospital every month runs out within two weeks causing colleagues to share. The most urgent need is for N95 washable Face Masks and surgical gloves. To supply the full 60 bed isolation ward team with these is really our biggest need.”

To support this work you can Go Fund Lab Tech Masereka and his team with a donation of £280 which will buy:

60 pcs of washable N95 face masks 20 boxes of surgical gloves. Thank you so much for your support to this hero!

Auma Winifred, Clinician.

Auma is a frontline worker and Covid-19 trainer Greater Masaka, and a home-based care expert. She also has vast experience in managing emergencies.

“Now that we are in the second wave of the virus pending the third if things do not change fast, our admission facilities for COVID 19 patients are full. This risks the lives of patients with different ailments because their spaces are encroached on. 

Since treatment for this pandemic is given priority, other patients will suffer for they have no proper place to meet the physician. However, there is a solution to this, we recently received a tent that has a bed capacity of 50 patients. 

To put it in good use this facility, some renovations and installations must be made first fast. And these include -

Water installation

Electricity installation, basically for lighting and a few sockets for some equipment.

Furnishing the floor because it is too dusty. 

This will waive off the pressure from other wards and will guarantee good care and clinical management of the patients. 

To support this facility, you can Go Fund Auma and her team with a donation of £2,000 which will equip the tent with everything required to set it up as an emergency treatment ward for 50 patients.

Sr. Nyirazihawe Isabella MabeI

“I have served in Masaka regional referral Hospital since 2013 in the Tuberculosis Unit / Multi Drug Resistant TB ward.

Incidentally, because of COVID19, there has an increase in TB cases because patients fear to seek med attention due to the fear of being retained as COVID19 suspects.

The prevalence of TB in this region is quite high - we have so far traced and enrolled into care at least 2367 patients in the region - just in the main hospital alone at least 113 patients have been reached.

In 2020 I got an opportunity of working as a head Nurse in COVID19 treatment Unit for a full year.

During My term of service in COVID19 Dept. I came to learn that TB and COVID19 are cousins, they all affect the lungs, and all spread through the air. This gave me an opportunity to screen COVID19 patients for TB and got 5 cases of TB/COVID19, they fortunately recovered from COVID19 but still undergoing TB treatment for its duration is 6 months and they are responding well. 

Untreated TB patients highly susceptible of contracting COVID19.

My experience in TB management has been interesting and basically attached so much on infection prevention control to the infected and affected families including health workers.

What has protected me all this period is the use of N95, and patients encouraged to use surgical masks throughout.

Reviewing them in an open space with free air movement has worked for us, that is why if any support in replacing this worn-out tent which is the patients waiting area will help us a lot in curbing down the TB infection among health workers and the attendants. This tent also acts as a waiting area for out dept. patients.

Also having more N95 and surgical masks will reduce on the chances of infection of health workers and will give more confidence to them as they fight the pandemic.

Therefore, to support this work you Can Go Fund Sr. Isabella and her team with a donation of £600 which will buy:

60 washable N95 face masks

20 boxes of surgical gloves

Tent repair for the waiting area, screening area and resting area.

Thank you so much for your support to this hero!

Please give as generously as you can to support these frontline health workers - thank you

 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.


Jul 17, 2021

Charmian Lantzendorffer

Keep up the good work.


Jul 15, 2021

Derek and Jackie

(plus 26.13 giftaid)

Jul 06, 2021


Thanks for setting up this route to help, wishing loads of strength and good wishes to everyone working to keep people safe.

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