The Year of Green Bricks 2019

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An opportunity to donate to the first building on church premises in Britain, constructed to a similar standard to a Passivhaus

The Year of Green Bricks: 2019

People say, "What can I do about climate change?"  One of the ways in which you can act positively to bring down carbon emissions is to consider contributing to the building of the Fold, a highly insulated community building on the premises of Baildon Methodist Church, Bradford.  It will need virtually no heating and emit virtually no carbon dioxide. So we invite you to donate to our important new campaign:  The Year of Green Bricks. 

We are continue to be short of our fundraising target. In order to avoid taking loans to fulfil our community ambitions, we invite you to help pay for ‘Green Bricks’. They cost £5 each.

Our Church has raised over £900 000 already for this building to enFold local community groups, especially our Scouts, preschool nursery and our numerous gatherings for the elderly: these are overflowing from our busy buildings. Our church has already reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by one third in twelve years: we have installed photovoltaic solar panels, ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation, triple glazing and draft exclusion. We have reduced our gas consumption and buy electricity only from renewable sources. 

Please consider buying as many ‘Green Bricks’ for the Fold as possible.  We are not just raising money for our church: by saving carbon dioxide emissions, this building will help in a small way to reduce flooding in Britain. It will slow down the warming of the oceans which is raising sea levels and so flooding homes and farms throughout the world. We face the future as a beacon of light. 

This project is exciting. It brings some hope for Britain and the world. Thank you for any help you can give.

John D Anderson. Trustee, Methodist Local Preacher and Fundraiser for the Fold.

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Nearly there! Keep going 😚 This is carbon offset money for a flight.

Su Holgate


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