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Joshua Orphan and Community Care
Joshua Orphan and Community Care
Regular donation for Joshua

Regular donation for Joshua

Why we need your help

A regular donation helps us plan ahead.  It means we can make the commitment to an individual, family or community that we can work with them – often over a period of several years – to help break the cycle of poverty.  Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Joshua has made great progress over the past couple of years.  However, to ensure the ongoing delivery of our programme, we need your help so we can confidently commit to helping communities in Malawi over the long-term. We’re trying to get 200 friends and supporters to sign up to a monthly direct debit donation of £10. 

Over the next ten weeks we’ll be sharing ten reasons your money will help make a difference.  You can read these on our website 

The first story is Annie. She knows that education is the best way of securing her future - but she needs your help to achieve this.

You can make a regular donation via Virgin Money Giving by clicking Donate Now, and providing details of a bank or credit card. The regular payment is processed by Virgin Money Giving and transferred automatically into our account. Your donation will support our projects helping to improve health, nutrition and education of children and their families in Malawi. If you would prefer to give a different amount, then you can choose this on the following page.  We are grateful for any amount you are able to give on a regular basis.  

If you are eligible for Gift Aid as a UK taxpayer, then please tick the box.  This means that Joshua gets an extra 25% on top of every monthly donation.  This means we actually get £12.50 per month - an extra £30 per year!

 A regular donation of £10 a month makes a huge difference to our work.  

£10 a month provides enough Likuni Phala (fortified porridge) for the all children attending one of our community-based childcare centres

£10 a month means a young person can stay in secondary school and have the right books and equipment to study 

Thank you for your support.

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 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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