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Joshua Orphan and Community Care
Joshua Orphan and Community Care
Keep Our Spoons Stirring

Keep Our Spoons Stirring

Why we need your help

When we started out over 20 years ago, it was at the request of communities who wanted to make sure all children were looked after and well-fed as a response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.  We started with a small feeding centre in the village of Pensulo.  Over the years, our work has grown and we’ve helped thousands of children get a better start in life by making sure they eat a daily meal and the opportunity for education.  Once again, a virus – this time COVID-19 - is putting pressure on these communities.  Combined with the impact of climate change, life is hard.  We’re currently helping communities feed 1250 children aged under 6 years old with a daily meal of likuni phala.  It’s essential to make sure children get the best start in life. For many children, this is the only meal they get that day. 

Keep Our Spoons Stirring: We’re launching an appeal to help us continue this vital work. As you may know from our last newsletter, we’ve been affected by funding cuts over the last 12 months. The abrupt end to our funding from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development office (FCDO) and the related impact of that, driving increased demand to trusts that have provided grants to small charities like ours over the years, has been significant. We really don’t want to cut back on this part of our work – it’s central to our support to vulnerable children and families.

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