Malawi Flood Appeal

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Urgent appeal to help families affected by extreme heavy rain in Malawi

UPDATED Friday 23rd Jan

Homes damaged200,000 people have been displaced and 178 killed due to flooding caused by extreme weather in Malawi. Caught between two cyclones, we experienced non-stop heavy rain for several days and nights, the worst the country has experiences in 20 years.

The situation is distressing, homes have been submerged and whole communities cut off from each other. Crops have been washed away and half the country has been declared a disaster zone.

Many of the families we support live in traditional homes made of mud with thatched roofs, leaving them extremely vulnerable.  Their homes were simply not strong enough to withstand the force of the heavy and prolonged rains we have experienced.

In rural Blantyre, the communities we work with have been badly affected.

Well over 1000 homes have been damaged with hundreds having been completely destroyed. 

Homes destroyed

While many people have been taken in by extended family and neighbours, some don’t have this as an option and have sought refuge in schools and feeding centres.

In Pensulo Village, one of Joshua’s key project areas, at least 245 families have lost part or all of their homes. At the height of the heavy rains, 90 families sought refuge in Mitsidi primary school. Two weeks on and 72 families remain at the school, having been re-housed in emergency tents by the Red Cross, which has enabled the school to reopen.      

Our immediate priority is to ensure people have shelter, food, warmth and access to clean safe water and sanitation. 

We are working with key stakeholders, including the District Council and Mary’s Meals to ensure these needs are met.  In the coming months, your donations will support hundreds of families to rebuild their homes and their lives. 

Homes damagedHow you can help

Donate to our emergency appeal to help us to get people back on their feet.

We need:

Durable plastic sheets – £5 is enough for one 50metre sheet to cover a fallen wall and repair the roof of one home.

Warm Blankets – £7 will help keep those sheltering in feeding centres and schools warm.

Five Iron sheets – £15 to cover one broken wall while the storm passes.

Homes destroyedTen Iron sheets - £30 enough to re-roof the whole house when the storms end.

Emergency feeding

For those sheltering in Joshua centres, food will be provided to ensure children, young people and their families are getting at least one hot meal a day.

Nutritious meal – Feed one child for one day for 90p

Feed one child a nutritious meal for a month - £25

Flood damageWith the rains having eased we are now working on a lasting response to deal with destroyed homes, lost crops and the potential long term food emergency this catastrophe may cause.

Thank you for your support, 100% of all donations received will go directly to helping those worst affected.

Select the amount you wish to give

£5.00  Durable plastic sheets

£7.00  Warm Blankets

£15.00  Five Iron sheets

£25.00  Feed one child a nutritious meal for a month

£30.00  Ten Iron sheets

Total donations: £18,442.00

Elizabeth Blyth


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Hi I'm Elizabeth and I took part in a community project with Joshua in in Summer 2014, where we helped to built a primary school for the local community. Was heartbroken to hear the news about the flooding.



£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)



£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Geoff M


£40.00 (+ £10.00 giftaid)



£70.00 (+ £17.50 giftaid)

Steve Dawson


£15.00 (+ £3.75 giftaid)

Keep up the good work!!




Amazing work as ever!






£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Happy to support you all in the great work you are doing to relieve the devastating situation in Malawi.



We hope this goes some way towards helping Joshua help the people of Malawi where our daughter spent some time in 2113