Team MediCinema's London Marathon 2018

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Team MediCinema

Team MediCinema are eight fantastic fundraisers all taking on the huge challenge of the Virgin London Marathon 2018 to help patients and their families feel better with film.

Being in hospital is the last place anyone wants to be, but every year thousands of the sickest adults and children are admitted to hospitals throughout the country for weeks, months, and sometimes even years at a time.

MediCinema gives patients and their families the chance to escape hospital life, forget about their condition and be captivated by the best cinema has to offer. They do this by building, installing and running high-spec cinemas in hospitals which look and feel just like a mainstream cinema except their specially designed for a hospital setting. Whether a patient is in a wheelchair, attached to a drip, or even unable to leave their bed, there is a place for them.

'I was so happy. I had the chance to be away from the hospital ward and feel normal for a bit. It was the opportunity to be humanised again because it’s a condition you can so easily lose, when you are in pain and when you are alone. Being able to go to a cinema, it’s a wonderful experience and it’s an incredible gift. I really thank you guys.'

Giorgio, a patient.

It costs £11 to give one patient like Giorgio a trip to a MediCinema. Please sponsor Team MediCinema £11, or whatever you can afford, and give more patients like Giorgio the chance to feel human again.

Thank you!

Select the amount you wish to give

£11.00  Brings the magic of cinema to one patient

£33.00  Gives one child and parents a trip to the cinema

£72.00  Funds one nurse at a MediCinema screening

Christina Hamilton

Total raised:
£387.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Dali Kaur

Total raised:
£0.00 (excl Gift Aid)

New Mutants

Total raised:
£6495.70 (excl Gift Aid)

Nick Manser

Total raised:
£1639.32 (excl Gift Aid)


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