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NAYO want to save the lives of children in their community by building a simple medical laboratory to help diagnose life threatening illnesses.

NAYO already provide life saving health care to their community at their health centre. Their dedicated team of health workers are faced with treating diseases like Malaria, Pneumonia and HIV. Children are some of the worst affected by these diseases, and can get very sick quickly. Currently the health centre does not have a laboratory, meaning that diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat. Without a laboratory it is not possiable to be sure what illness a child has, and healthworkers have to make difficult decisions based on how the child looks. As the city hospitals are far away most people cannot afford the bus fare, and NAYOs local community health centre is their only hope.

A laboratory will mean that many diseases are picked up earlier, before children become very ill. It will mean that health workers will be able to know exactly what they are treating, and wether or not the medicines are working. It will mean that diseases are not missed. This will save many lives, and stop people from having to live with painful and debilitating illness in Nancholi and the surrounding villages.

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