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The OHMI Trust
The OHMI Trust
Print 3D - A starter one-handed clarinet

Print 3D - A starter one-handed clarinet

Why we need your help

The OHMI Trust is a charity that seeks to enable those with physical impairments to participate fully in music-making through the use of adapted instruments and apparatus.  One successful winner of the biennial OHMI Competition is Peter Worrell's one-handed clarinet.  However, like all beautiful hand made instruments, the costs of production and materials make it out of the reach of beginner instrumentalists of all ages.  We have now assembled a great team of largely volunteers to work on the development of a 3D printed version.  We will be applying for some funding to recruit someone to help this project on its way, but as this sort of funding takes several months to arrive we are appealing for support to develop the Computer Aided Design (CAD) files and to make some initial test prints and key work structures.  We would appreciate any support you can give to help us on our way.

Who will benefit from our work? 

Statistics on the incidence of individuals with upper limb impairments are tricky as there are over 40 medical conditions that can affect the use of the arms and hands.  Here are a few:

•     31,459 children with a physical disability as their primary need currently attend mainstream schools in England (Department for Education January 2019)

•     3.9 million people report that they have an impairment affecting dexterity (Department for Work and Pensions March 2018)

•     The upper limb clinic at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (viz. just one children’s hospital)) have an average of 400 new referrals each year. (Mrs Ruth Lester, Surgeon at BCH)

•     1 in 400 children are affected by Cerebral Palsy (NHS Feb 2020)

•     1 in every 1,000 children have hemiplegia (Contact)

•     15,000 children under 16 have arthritis (NHS December 2018)

•     100,000 people have a stroke each year including more than 400 children (Stroke Association February 2018)

Can it be done?

A similar process has already been taken with a one-handed recorder.  The cost of the 3D printed version is around 15% of the cost of the hand made wooden version and it does work.  Clarinets are very much more complex but with the skills and knowledge available on the team we firmly believe that we will be able to make a successful instrument.  If you would like to follow our progress through an emailed newsletter just on this project please send your address to and we will add you to the mailing list for this monthly update.

Thank you so much for your support!


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