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We provide full eye tests and galsses free of charge to homeless and other vulnerable people in an accessible and friendly environment in which they feel safe, welcome and comfortable.  We have eight clinics – three in London, and one each in Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester, Exeter and Leeds. This year, we launched a mobile service in East London.


Homeless people are particularly disadvantaged when it comes to obtaining sight tests, glasses and eye care. Homeless people suffer a higher level of eye problems than the general population. They find high street opticians difficult to access, are prone to losing or breaking their glasses, and often miss out on having their glasses paid for by the NHS, so simply cannot afford them.

Homeless people need glasses in order to keep safe, find accommodation, obtain or retain employment and to undertake their normal everyday activities.


In addition to our permanent clinics, we have been partnering with Crisis UK to run the Opticians and Eye Care Service at Crisis at Christmas for over ten years.

This year in London, for every day of the Crisis at Christmas week, up to six volunteer mobile opticians teams will head out from our base in Paddington to the  Crisis at Christmas shelters and day-centres which are scattered across the capital from Hackney to Hammersmith.  Each team will be led by an optometrist, with assistance from dispensing opticians, optical advisers, optometry students and other volunteers.

We will help over 300 homeless guests who will receive a full sight test,spectacles where needed and advice on eye care. For more serious conditions, they will be seen by our volunteer consultant ophthalmologists, who will operate from our state of the art pop-up eye clinic, fully equipped with modern diagnostic machinery on loan from the optical industry.


Each year, Vision Care for Homeless People staff and volunteers help lead the organisation and management of the Opticians Service. With 6 mobile teams operating at once, each needs equipping with testing equipment, supplies, tools, and medications. Frames need to be glazed and glasses distributed.

We are fortunate that generous sponsors loan us mobile optometry kits and machinery for our static clinic and others donate supplies and equipment. However, further essentials still need to be purchased. In the months leading up to and following Crisis at Christmas, we spend £5,000 organising and equipping the service.

Please support the Crisis at Christmas Opticians Service 2018 by making a gift. You can pick one of the suggested amounts or make a donation value of your choice.  Help us meet our target of £5,000.

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