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Great, now that Paddle is a registered charity, we'd really appreciate you helping us raise even more than ever before. 

We arent asking for a lot, but if each entrant raised £20 from friends and family this would make a huge difference to the final total we are able to give away in grants later this year. 

Either way, you'll be helping to make a big difference by just entering so thank you. Have an amazing PRTP19

Start your own page by:

  • clicking on the 'Start Fundraising' button, just on the right of this text,
  • you'll then need to enter the type of event, 'The Big Paddle' then click on 'Doing Something Different' if the event is not listed,
  • you're then asked to input the date of you're event 07 July 2019,
  • you'll then see Paddle as the selected charity,
  • you click 'no' to the question, has the charity contributed,
  • choose if you wish to keep in touch,

You can then share your very own fundraising page with everyone you know. Good luck and thank you for supporting Paddle Round The Pier.

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