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Over 50% of children in Brazil live under the poverty line. Many young people live on the streets and, as a result, are confronted with violence on a daily basis. Their environment is deplorable, with child trafficking, drugs, prostitution, hard labour, begging, and sexual eploitation representing daily struggles.

At Wind-Up Penguin, we want to ensure every child gets access to the crucial elements of a healthy childhood: laughter, stories, games, and a safe space to play and be creative. Which is why this summer, four of us are bringing a new music theatre performance to children in orphanages, favelas, excluded communities and special needs centres in Brazil, working closely with NGOs and charity groups operating on the ground.

Our team is a group of students and alumni from of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. We are thrilled to use the skills we have developed in our artistic training to positively impact so many children around the world. Our work inspires and stimulates children creatively - numerous studies have shown the considerable benefits of artistic interventions on the mental health of children who have suffered trauma.
How can I help? Our company is run entirely by students and recent graduates. We fund and fundraise for these projects ourselves, which is why we're asking for YOUR help now. Any donation, even the most modest, will help enormously towards covering the necessary costs for us to share music and theatre with over 3000 children in Brazil.

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Pippa, Tal, Julia and Elisabeth

At Wind-Up Penguin, we have been sharing music and theatre for the past seven years with vulnerable children in South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and India. We've performed to over 20,000 children in orphanages, hospitals, special needs centers, rural schools, and refugee centers, and don't intend on stopping anytime soon!  

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