See & Know AUTUMN 2016

 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

Terri will liaise with Ashley on Thursday evening to ensure that all adults attending See&Know in the autumn term are able to register on line and to learn how to teach the process to adults on the first session of the autumn term (for which no charge will be made).  We are recommending to Resources Committee that the fee remain at £2.50 per session;  there are 39 weeks in the school year;  we recommend that the cost of one term registration should be £25, saving £7.50 and the cost of registration for the whole year should be £70, saving £27.50.  This allows for some absence and we would use the website to encourage Gift Aid, which on £70 would bring in an additional £17.50.  The advantages of registering on line are:
·       Fewer jobs for Terri at the hectic start of the session
·       Less cash to account for
·       The church gaining a valuable database
·       Savings for regular parents, in fact for any parent attending more than 10/13 sessions in a term.
Parents coming to enrol after the third session in a term will be able to pay £2.50 per session.  Terri will flag up the change as this term progresses but there will be a big change-over of parent during the summer.
There will be no meeting May 2nd, then the last meeting is Friday 27th May and the first of the next half term is after Bumps&Babes meet on June 13th.  22nd July is the last day of the summer term.  We agreed that these dates should be displayed on the website and given in PewsNews.  The handout for new parents is considered still relevant in its present form.
Janet will prepare a suggested year’s schedule of themes for See&Know.

See & Know

Parents are encouraged to pay for their term subscription to See & Know in advance.

Why?  Because it saves you money!

- A weekly session costs £2.50

- A term costs £25 a saving of £7.50 or £22.50 / year

- A full year costs £70, a further saving of £5 / year

We are sorry - but Gift Aid cannot be claimed on these payments.

Select the amount you wish to give

£25.00  Term session cost

£70.00  Annual session cost