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Seren's ALL Stars is a Special Named Fund at CCLG raising funds for research into acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).

Seren4On 18 December 2018 Seren was diagnosed with accute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Before then she was happy and bright with a kind, caring nature. She still is all of those things but, in addition, she is now facing a 2-3 year battle with cancer.

Seren was admitted to hospital on 13 December. We spent Christmas at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and she faced it with strength and courage. Seren now attends appointments at BCH where she undergoes multiple weekly chemotherapy treatments, as well as a range of other drugs and procedures including general anaesthetics, lumbar punctures, bone marrow tests, blood tests, transfusions and antibiotic treatments for infections. Her immune system is weak but they allow us to stay at home between treatments and administer steroids, pain relief and other oral medication at home or through the community nurse team.

During her stay in hospital some friends raised £150+ which they donated to Beads of Courage, in Seren's name. This brought her so much joy by paying for 3 sets of beads for other children, that she now wants to fundraise for all the charities that are helping us through this. 

Seren5Seren says she would like to hand over a ‘big cheque that says it’s from me, just like they do on TV’.

From this page, you can make a donation to Seren's ALL Stars, or open your own fundraising page to collect sponsorship for your event. For more ways to give, including monthly Direct Debit, visit our website >

You can also text CCLG 5 SEREN to 70300 to donate £5. 

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From Christmas House at the Rectory Thankyou to all who contributed



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Sending love

Jenna Hopkins


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In the hope that we can help to make a difference. Keep fighting Seren. You’re so brave xx



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Good Luck with the fund-raising my little Princess! Lots of love Jodie xx


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