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St Chad's College, Durham
St Chad's College, Durham
Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Why we need your help

A message from the Principal, Dr Margaret Masson:

I hope that you and those you love are safe and well.  Many of us have been personally affected by Covid-19, a pandemic that has already brought so much devastation.  None of us knows how and when we will emerge from this crisis. 

Here at St Chad’s, we are working as hard as we can to ensure that the College remains viable, that we will be able to sustain a community that continues to nurture, shape and enrich future generations of students, and that they too will have the opportunities that you, our alumni, enjoyed during your time here.

This will not be easy.  We have lost half of this year’s income, and as we prepare for a new academic year, we are faced with the significant and unexpected cost of ensuring that College is a safe environment, compliant with Government and Durham University regulations, for students when they arrive in late September. 

Along with other universities, we need to create student residence “social bubbles” to balance  maximum safety with maximum opportunity so students can interact with each other in ways that are vital to their college experience. We need to make physical and structural changes to our historic college buildings - to provide self-contained areas of study-bedrooms, with bathrooms, kitchens and social spaces, and also to ensure that all public spaces in College, including the dining room, Cassidy Quad and Bar are Covid compliant.  These changes need to be in place for mid-September as we begin to receive quarantining students ahead of the start of Michaelmas Term in October.

As well as being a huge logistical challenge, we need to find £60,000 quickly to pay for these changes. This is not a challenge St Chad’s would have normally faced, nor one for which there is a budget.  Although we have been extremely prudent with our finances over recent years (and are grateful that this has ensured some resilience in these unprecedented times) we need your help to ensure that the next generation of students have the best Chad’s experience we can give them, despite Covid.

For many of alumni and friends of St Chad's, the strong and continuing sense of community across the generations is one of its greatest strengths; it’s also what inspires me now to reach out to ask you to help us to make these changes possible. If you are in a position to make a donation, we would be enormously grateful.  Your gift will help ensure that this generation of Chad’s students too can thrive as well as stay safe during their time at College, and you will also be helping us to create a sustainable future for this College we love and value.

If you are able to help us to make this a reality then your gift will be put to immediate use.  I am sure that there will be many draws on your funds and generosity at the moment but your support for St Chad’s is now needed more than ever and will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.

My very best wishes,


 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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