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The Sunday Concerts at Conway Hall trace their history back to 1878 when the People's Concert Society was formed for the purpose of “increasing the popularity of good music by means of affordable concerts”. The South Place Ethical Society acquired the Concert Series and in 1929 had Conway Hall, in Holborn, purpose built for them and with the exception of the war years, the concerts seasons have continued ever since. Our concerts attract audiences from all age ranges with high-quality performances in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our hall. We also host some pre-concert recitals and talks to enjoy before the main concert. Most of our concerts cost only £12 and are free for under-26s, thanks to a subsidy provided by the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust.

In order to continue to fulfil our ethos of “affordable classical music for all”, philanthropic support will be ever more significant to the bright future of our concert series. By supporting our concerts, you will be playing a vital role in enabling us to deliver inspiring concerts for many years to come, and memorable experiences for new and long-lasting audiences.

We are extremely grateful for the support of our current distinguished patrons (Stephen Hough, Prunella Scales, Roderick Swanston, Hiro Takenouchi, Timothy West, and Petroc Trelawny), who are renowned musicians, actors and broadcasters. Supporting our series means that you will join a family of dedicated, generous people who share a common passion and enthusiasm for music. Whatever your interests or backgrounds are, we can build a close and rewarding relationship with you. 

Not only do we provide a performance platform for established chamber groups, but we also give a springboard for the next generation of young artists to make their mark on the classical music stage. In a highly competitive world where young professionals are often expected to perform without any fee, we at Conway Hall are committed to supporting today’s musicians and insist on paying fees to our artists.  A typical concert can cost in the region of £1,500 to produce.

You can help us to continue our work by donating today.  The generosity that you may provide will not just benefit Conway Hall as a cultural organisation, but also help the roster of professional musicians we work with continue to realise their lifelong ambitions.

In return for your generosity, we can offer exclusive benefits that get you closer to our concerts, including:
• Patrons’ receptions after key concerts
• The opportunity to attend rehearsals
• Meeting the Artists after the concert
• Acknowledgment in our concert programmes and on our website 

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