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Berkshire Community Foundation
Berkshire Community Foundation
Surviving Winter

Surviving Winter

Why we need your help

We do not want anybody to die because they can’t keep warm in the winter. Berkshire Community Foundation is asking those receiving the annual Government ‘Winter Fuel Payment’, and anyone else that also feels comfortable to give, to make a donation to the Surviving Winter Fund to help local vulnerable people living in fuel poverty.

The Surviving Winter Campaign runs every year, recycling funds directly to those most in need of help, to ensure they can afford to stay warm and safe during the coldest months, helping to combat excess winter deaths that we see in our County. The Big Give will double online donations for one week, starting at midday on Giving Tuesday (3rd December).

People are dying – the number of excess winter deaths recorded in Britain for the winter of 2017-18 was the highest recorded for over 40 years, affecting 4.5 million, with 50,000 deaths believed to be caused by issues including influenza, respiratory disease and colder than average temperatures.

“These aren’t just statistics. These are vulnerable older people who are unable to heat their homes sufficiently, suffering serious health issues and sometimes death. These are children having to go through the winter without a coat or sufficient heating at home. These are parents in debt, going without meals and suffering health issues to protect their children. We know that your donations can help local people and importantly help reduce the loss of life.” Jon Yates, Chief Operating Officer at BCF

Last winter, the BCF Surviving Winter fund raised £10,000 and those that were able to give helped fellow members of their communities. This funding provided vital support for some of the most disadvantaged in Berkshire – levering £25,760 of extra income to over 180 vulnerable families and providing 50 drop in advice sessions supporting over 400 families living in poverty.  This aid is available as the result of local people and businesses donating to this much needed fund.

We don’t want anyone in our community having to choose between eating or staying warm. Help us today by donating your Winter Fuel Allowance or whatever you can spare.

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Dec 14, 2020

Peter D

Stay warm, stay safe - a message for 2020.

(plus 50.00 giftaid)

Jan 09, 2020


(plus 50.00 giftaid)

Dec 13, 2019

David Oram

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Dec 12, 2019


Dec 11, 2019


(plus 50.00 giftaid)

Dec 10, 2019

Mrs Shirley Stabler

Nov 20, 2019

Adrian Scrope

DWP has just paid me my winter fuel grant. Happy to double it for Berkshire Surviving Winter.

(plus 100.00 giftaid)

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