Berkshire Surviving Winter

Surviving Winter

If you had to choose between feeding your family and heating your home what would you do? Sadly this decision is one many households in Berkshire face during the winter months. BCF aims to alleviate this problem by raising £10,000 to support people in fuel poverty.

The cost of fuel has increased along with many other outgoings, this combined with stagnant wages and Berkshire being one of the most expensive counties in the country to rent or buy a home in has left many families in fuel poverty. Despite its reputation as an affluent county there are areas of deprivation throughout Berkshire.

BCF works with charities and groups on the ground, actively supporting those struggling with this increasing need. Giving people the tools and knowledge they need to budget for the increased winter fuel costs and helping those in in the greatest needs: Pensioners reliant on their limited state pensions, those in low paid employment or on zero hours contracts, those who have had to give up work due to health issues and families who have to choose between clothing their children and heating their home.


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