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A tree is for life ... not just for Christmas!

Soil erosion and the need in rural communities for a sustainable source of fuel for cooking is a real problem in Southern Africa.

Can you help a low-income Zimbabwean community by paying to plant a tree? Or perhaps even a dozen? To train, advise and supply a whole village with the fencing and saplings needed for them to plant their own woodlot costs around £1,750 – or £3.50 per tree.

Trees in the community woodlots which SEED helped to establish in previous years are growing well. Most of them will soon be providing fruit and seed, firewood and building materials for the surrounding villages.

Local families increasingly understand the value of trees and the need to replenish them. As a result, SEED is receiving overwhelming calls from other communities in the area to replicate the afforestation programme. In each case, the communities themselves would provide land, labour and manure. SEED would supply the trees, fencing and an environmental specialist to provide training.

At £3.50 each, how many life-giving trees will you provide for a Zimbabwean community?

Invest in Trees for Life in the knowledge that your gift will keep on giving: hope to a Zimbabwean family now and empowerment for years to come.

Select the amount you wish to give

£3.50  Donate a single tree for a Zimbabwean family

£21.00  Donate half-a-dozen trees to a village

£42.00  Donate a dozen trees to a rural village

£65.00  Pay for specialist training for a whole village

Total donations: £3,166.50

Granny Abecassis


£21.00 (+ £5.25 giftaid)

Happy Birthday Eric!

Granny Abecassis


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Happy Birthday Christopher!



£21.00 (+ £5.25 giftaid)

Happy Christmas Zimbabwe love and prayers x

Susie and fambam x


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Richard Cragg - St Pauls


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Let's get another village in the programme!



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Sorry for being so slow...

Granny Abecassis


£42.00 (+ £10.50 giftaid)

Happy Christmas Eric and Christopher - but ssshhh! don't tell them yet! - you have provided 6 trees to a needy village in Zimbabwe.




Frances Harris