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VDCA School functions as a supplementary school to the public school system. Some students are orphans and VDCA is their only access to schooling. VDCA has evolved from two basic thatched classrooms into a large school with more than 600 students. In January 2012 VDCA opened the Anlung Pi Free School (VDCA 2) which educates an additional 300 children. Many of the children who attend Anlung Pi have parents who work at the local dump collecting recyclables. Anlung Pi has a Nursery School and Feeding Program for those whose parents work at the dumpsite only earning a few dollars a day. £32000 is the annual running costs for both schools. A donation of £200 would pay a teachers salary for one month; £60 would cover electricity and water in both schools for one month. £25 would enable computer studies to be provided in both schools for one month. Any donations make a difference; £6 buys 150 pens or one school uniform; £5 buys 30 books; £2 buys a school bag for a child.

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