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Walk a Mile in
Their Shoes
“Help me never to judge another,
until I have walked a mile in their moccasins.”
American Indian Proverb
Walk a Mile inTheir Shoes

“Help me never to judge another,until I have walked a mile in their moccasins.”American Indian Proverb


Two women a week are killed as a result of domestic abuse.  We want to change this and make a clear statement across Fenland that domestic violence is wrong.  Will you help us?

This page is for those that wish to donate, but do not wish to particpate in the walk.

The Ferry Project supports, on average, ten people a year who are homeless as a direct result of domestic violence. Everyone involved in the walk will be asked to raise £100 in sponsorship. They will be able to do this via online channels such as Virgin Money Giving or using a sponsorship form. The overall target is to raise £10,000. 

All money raised will go towards a Crisis Fund, which can be accessed by local people fleeing domestic violence. A local charity will hold the fund and agencies such as The Ferry Project or Wisbech Town Council can apply on behalf of the individual. This will be decided by the Trustees of the charity.

Want to walk?

To find out more about walking visit www.ferryproject.org.uk 

To see the Virgin Money Giving event page Click here, you can also register as a fundraiser at the bottom of this campaign.

We want individuals, organisations and schools to make a stand against domestic violence in Fenland. We’re not asking for money, we’re asking for participation in an awareness campaign and sponsored walk that could change the lives of those facing what seems like an impossible situation.

Saturday 6th April 2019 is the ‘Walk a Mile in Their Shoes’ event. This is a charity walk where men will wear heeled shoes while women wear a trouser suit and tie with flat shoes.  We will walk a mile in Wisbech, highlighting our stance against domestic violence.

There will be a registration fee of £10 and a pair of shoes/tie will be loaned for the duration of the walk. This fee will cover the administrative costs, so any further donations will go directly to supporting those fleeing domestic violence. We ask that participants to do their best to raise £100 through the generosity of friends, family and colleagues. A Virgin Money Giving campaign will be set up through the Ferry Project which will be emailed in the new year.

This is a light hearted way of addressing a serious issue. Domestic violence, regardless of gender, is unacceptable. It is happening and it needs to stop.

Our aims are

  1. To make a stand against domestic violence
  2. To give information and support to victims of domestic violence so that they can access help as quickly and easily as possible.
  3. To raise funds for services that support victims of domestic violence.

Will you support us and victims of domestic violence by getting behind our walk and encouraging all your staff to walk with us? 

Video from the American event ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBLpw_bon5c

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As i am unable to join you for this event, i hope all goes well and a great time is had by all participating. Gods Blessings.


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