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The story of Windhoek beer began with two German bankers arriving in the erstwhile German Colony of South West Africa in 1906. Hermann Ohlthaver and Carl List were completely unprepared for the searing sun and desolate landscape and wondered what madness had brought them there and how soon they could return to civilisation.

Yet they never did. Instead, in 1920 they scraped together their life’s savings and bought four small local breweries, one more run-down than the next. This was the beginning of Namibia Breweries.

The beer is which is beer made the German way, made according to the Reinheitsgebot of 1516 is now available around the world and is gaining popularity in the UK.

After supporting various conservation efforts to save rhinos in southern Africa, Windhoek Beer is now looking to kickstart an exciting campaign in partnership with Save the Rhino International. You can expect a range of fun activities and events over the next 12 months, all helping to raise vital funds to protect all five rhino species in the wild.

Namibian Breweries have pledged to donate a minimum of £5,000 to Save the Rhino International (UK Registered Charity number 1035072) during the first year of this exciting charity partnership.

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£30.00  Could help purchase a new ranger uniform

£40.00  Could take a child to see rhino for the first time

£100.00  Could buy a tracking tag for an African rhino

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