Christmas Means 2018

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To most of us, Christmas means spending time with family and friends, cooking food, eating mince pies and chocolate, unwrapping presents or skating on an ice rink.

Christmas 2018 

To survivors of domestic abuse, Christmas means walking on eggshells, fearing that the abuse might escalate, putting on a brave face, or worrying about their children.

When they move to refuge to seek safety, women and children often show up with nothing but the clothes they wear. Sometimes 2 months will pass before their benefits are in place and they struggle to meet even their most basic needs.

This Christmas, help us bring joy in the lives of survivors of domestic abuse, by meeting their emergency needs when they first seek help.

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Make it the most meaningful gift you will make this Christmas!

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£10.00  for a Christmas meal on a budget for a family

£20.00  for travel costs to attend support appointments

£30.00  for new bedding for a woman and two children

£50.00  for a starter pack for a mum and two children

Total donations: £90.00



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