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Release Your Inner HERO!!

Register today and Set up Your online Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page and Record your challenge details. You can do this here:-  

What is the ZERO TO HERO Challenge 

The ZERO TO HERO Challenge allows YOU to complete Your chosen distance by doing a sporting acitivity(s) of your choice.  When you complete the challenge YOU become a ROHHAD Avenger!

The challenge takes place during the month of your choice and it is inclusive or all ages and abilities worldwide.  Regardless of wether you are a trained athlete or have limited mobility, this is the sporting charity event for YOU!

Our Aim is to raise global awareness and understanding of ROHHAD as well as fund medical research which will help improve treatment options and hopefully one day save the lives of children and young adults affected by the disease.

By signing up for this challenge, YOU will go from ZERO (your starting distance) to HERO making a very real difference to the lives of all the children still fighting against the EVIL ROHHAD.


- YOU choose the distance

- YOU decide how you will complete your distance

-You choose the month you wish to complete your challenge

 - YOU raise sponsorhsip online and or via our sponsorhsip forms

- YOU track you rsitance online

- YOU complete your distance in 31 days

- YOU become a real life HERO!

If you have still to register for ZERO TO HERO Please click here now !

Sponsorship and Recording Your Challenge Distance and Acitivities

Once you have registered online, you need to set up you online record and fundraising page here with Virgin Money Giving. 

On Your page you can customise it, share your own story and tell your sponsors and supporters why you are doing the ZERO TO HERO challenge.

You can blog on your page and update your page recording your distances as you complete each part of your challenge.

You can share your sponsorship page with friends and family online via your social media pages and email!

Sponsorship pages should be set up collectively for schools, youth groups, businesses and families (re 1 page for the group) and individual pages should be set up for individual participants.

The main Aim of this event is to have fun and release YOUR Inner HERO in aid of the children battling the rare life threatening and Evil ROHHAD!

YOU can wear your favourite superhero costume whilst completing your distance.

For any further information about ZERO TO HERO including prices to register, full terms and conditions, and further contact details please visit the charity website at

or alternatively email us at

Global Registration (not Launch Day)

Select the amount you wish to give

£5.00  Giving £5.00 to help ROHHAD Research

£10.00  Giving £10.00 to help ROHHAD Research

£25.00  Giving £25.00 to help ROHHAD Research

£50.00  Giving £50.00 to help ROHHAD Research


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