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Giving our young people the tools they need to succeed.

Many of our young people arrive without the specialist equipment that they beneffited from in school, or having never experienced some of the amazing developments in information and communication technology particularly.  Many find accessing everyday equipment and environments incredibly challenging as a result of their physical disabilities.

Accessing learning whilst side lying

Side-lying in the classroom

That's why an Acheeva Graduate positioning bed is one of the most important items in our inventory!

This video shows how endless the opportunities offered by this positioning bed really can be!

An Acheeva Graduate, with a positioning kit costs about £4, 000 in total.  We were lucky enough to receive a grant to fund our first bed, three years ago.  Now, with nearly 70 young people on site daily, our one bed cant keep up with the demand and we need to purchase a second Acheeva.

Every donation you make will help us get closer to the amount we need to make this equipment available to the young people who will benefit every day as a result of your generosity.

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