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Since 9th July 2012, the UK government drastically changed the rules for a British citizen and resident who wishes to sponsor their Adult Dependant Relatives - elderly parents.

The rules are now closed in all but name - even parliamentarians have deemed the them a ban masquerading as a rule.

BritCits is thus raising money to allow us to pursue the judicial review of these rules - we had a hearing in the High Court and now will be taking Secretary of State Home Department, Theresa May, to the Court of Appeal. 

The rules specify that an elderly parent can ONLY succeed in their application if ALL of the below apply

- the elderly parent needs help to bathe, dress and cook (if they are not severely disabled, they cannot come here)

- there is no other family, friends or neighbours in the elderly parent's home country who might be able to provide some assistance (they must be all alone).  If your elderly parent re-married and there is a step-parent in the picture, they are automatically outside the eligibility criteria

- between the funds available to the sponsor and their parent, they must not be able to afford care overseas, but must be able to afford it in the UK (and this is the catch 22 - how can you have enough money for the UK but not anywhere else. Except mentioned in parliament was Monaco)

- there must be no care homes the parent can be admitted to, and no social welfare system to help with the costs

- the application is made outside the UK (so if they are visiting you in the UK and something really bad happens, they must first still leave the country.  Sponsor in this case will of course make temporary arrangements for their parents care while the application is being processed, leading the Home Office to simply say 'oh you managed to get temporary care - see, facilities do exist and no reason that cannot continue')

Fundraising is to help with this legal challenge; we have already thanks to the amazing help from supporters raised funds for the Protection Costs Order for the High Court stage (here:  Hopefully the court allows this to be extended without increasing it (or we will amend the target here to reflect that).  

Even if so, we need to raise funds for other associated costs including the ever increasing court filing fees - a new penalty imposed on those who dare to challenge the government.  

It is not acceptable for British citizens to be instructed to turn their backs on the very people whose sacrifices have allowed us to make successful lives here; to deny our children the much needed interaction with their grandparents; to abandon our parents when they need us most.  The path to justice isn't easy but we will not stop now.  With families at stake the price for giving up is too high.

So together, we soldier on.

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For all the grandparents out there and the families who miss them.



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Rick the Saffa


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Good luck Sonel. Hope it went ok today. Speak soon




Good luck with challenging these inhumane rules - as a country, where is our compassion and basic sense of what is right?


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