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AfriCat Lion Guards

Lion guards play a vital role in protecting the local lions and mitigating lion-farmer conflict in Namibia..

The AfriCat Lion Guards are community members elected by their Conservancies, essentially carrying the message of Conservation from the highest authorities of their communities to the farmer.

German, Jackson, Titus and Kandavii encourage and guide communal farmers to adopt the AfriCat Livestock Protection programme. Their role is to identify priority villages for kraal-building, patrol fences, monitor and report poaching and other illegal activities.

The guides are an example of AfriCat working with local chiefs to agree a programme of support for the communities to help reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Research has identified a range of farming practices that can protect farmers and livestock and allow lions to raom free.

As an example of their work the AfriCat Lion Guards are able to use the data from the GPS collars on the research lions to inform specific farmers when the lions are in their area and to take appropriate action to protect livestock and villagers. As community farmers themselves, they understand the pressures facing farmers. Overall  in the area where the Lion Guards work there has been a reduction in numbers of livestock lost and lions killed which must be a win/win situation.

Mutuuapi 'Jackson' Kavetu from Werda Ehirovipuka Conservancy a Liond Guard since 2013 takes the lead among the Lion Guard activities. Titus, is based along Etosha’s western boundary, covering an area of approx. 60 km2 on horse-back; he received a new saddle and saddle-blankets in order to make his 'ride' easier and to protect his horse’s back. Kandavii is from the Onguta area, along the western border; Verengapi Simion Vejoreko is from Otjokavare in Ehiropvuka conservancy and Vespanguriruaije 'Scott' Kapi hails from Arisona and is a very successful goat farmer having one many prizes for his goats. 

AfriCat North needs your help to support them and their vital work can you help?  

AfriCat Lion Guards Keepers of the Wilderness 

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