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   AfriCat Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Tackling human wildlife conflict is at the centre of this project. Through personal experience of working with livestock AfriCat recognises that farmers struggle against predators. People are naturally fearful of living in close proximity to lions and spotted hyena. AfriCat has identified the need for ongoing community support in the form of improved livestock protection as well as animal health and husbandry as a crucial element in keeping carnivores in the wild. Subsistence based farmers, the majority of which rely on walking, donkey carts and horses for transport live in areas where lions and other predators roam free. This project works to support the community/farmers and will be provided to those who work with AfriCat to reduce the numbers of lions killed.

The mobile vet clinic will operate in Central Namibia and along the borders of the Etosha National Park. It would have the capacity to carry out basic surgical procedures in the field. For example, taking a plastic bag out of a cow’s stomach. This would reduce the need for a long difficult journey to a vet's surgery. By providing a vaccination/ sterilization programme with domestic dogs and cats, wild animals would benefit. For example large numbers of domestic dogs are infected with canine distemper that can be transmitted to the endangered African Wild Dog. Domestic dogs are expected to scavenge for food which reduces availability of food for the wild carnivores, who then prey on domestic livestock. Domestic cats bred with the African Wild Cat.

Communal farmers, particularly in areas prone to drought, such as on the western borders of Etosha National Park need support when animals get injured whether by man or beast. It’s in this remote location where a mobile clinic will make all the difference. Further info:

The plan is to use the vehicle for treating injured wildlife, collaring lions and monitoring operations too.  

The vehicle needs to be robust and will be a converted 4x4 truck. It will have long range fuel tanks, heavy duty springs and tyres, an extra power supply, solar panels, coolong fridges and be able to carry additional water. Because of the distances involved the vet will also be able to sleep in the vehicle too.

The costing includes the basic cost of the vehicle plus the adaptations, and equipment that make it operational for the terrain and projected use. Other funds will be used to run and maintain the vehicle. It will be operated by a vet, whose time is funded separately.

Working to protect wildlife living in and around communities requires cooperation between man and wildlife, this mobile vet clinic can provide assistance to both and help to reduce the conflict between humans and wildlife. It will support AfriCat’s aim of keeping the large carnivores living wild.   

You kind donation will make a Big difference so thank you from AfriCat UK and all in Namibia

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