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On the 7th April two brave Consultants from York District Hospital, Gerry & Mike, will be undertaking a mammoth cycle ride to raise money for The Ambulance Wish Foundation UK.

“Gerry has been a keen cyclist for many years, I started riding my bike ~3 years ago to work to keep fit and save time from standing in traffic and gradually increased distances that I ride by going out at weekends. We have both ridden several local sportives of distances up to 100 miles and completed weekend charity rides in the Wolds and London in the last couple of years.

We talked about joining the organised LE-JOG ride but opted for a bespoke version for the ambulance Wish Foundation UK.

We are getting the train to Penzance on April 7th and riding the Penzance-LE-Penzance loop. The first couple of days are challenging with plenty of climbs through the South West. Roughly equal distances each day around 100 miles. Stops at Roehampton, Bath, Redditch, Newark and home to York on Thursday.

I’m going back to work for a week! Gerry then continues his ride with his wife at a more leisurely pace from York-Edinburgh.

I’m getting the train up to Edinburgh on Fri 20thApril to rejoin Gerry and we ride the route up through Scotland over the next few days, due to arrive at JOG on Tuesday lunchtime. A leisurely day in Inverness after a 4-hour train journey South before the long train journey home on the Thursday.”

Based on the original charity Stichting Ambulance Wens Nederland in Rotterdam The Ambulance Wish Foundation UK has been set up to provide their amazing service in the UK.

The premise is simple, we provide transport and support to people with terminal illness to undertake a journey of personal significance (a wish) that otherwise they would be unable to do.

We offer this service free of charge and rely solely on fundraising to be able to continue to do so. Please support Gerry & Mike on their amazing adventure.

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Well done from the avenue



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Well done for a fantastic effort

Anne G


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Well done to Mike and Gerry.

Debbie and Peter


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Well done guys!



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Well done, Stirling effort. Katie xxxxxx

Rachel Cook


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Congratulations! Amazing achievement and cause



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Well done gents, a great achievement



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