Anne Anderson Walk 2016

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The Anne Anderson Walk is held every year to raise money for the Anne Anderson Award Fund.

The 2017 walk will be held in Cape Town, South Africa during the Global Evidence Summit.

To sign-up for the walk go to:

(If you are unable to attend the walk or the Global Evidence Summit you can still donate to the Anne Anderson Award Fund.)

What is the Anne Anderson Award?

The Anne Anderson Award is awarded at each annual Cochrane Colloquium to a woman who has made a significant contribution to the enhancement and visibility of female participation within Cochrane.

This year the award will be given out at the Global Evidence Summit, that is replacing the 2017 Cochrane Colloquium.

All donations to this fund will go towards the award. The money will be designated by the award recipient to assist a woman from a low-resource setting within Cochrane.

Who was Anne Anderson?

Anne Anderson was a contributor to the stream of thinking and effort that gave birth to evidence-based health care. A clinically qualified reproductive physiologist, Anne had an active interest in women’s health, co-editing the first edition of Women’s problems in general practice (1983) with Ann McPherson. Anne also contributed to Effectiveness and satisfaction in antenatal care (1982), edited by Murray Enkin and Iain Chalmers, and was discussing, with Marc Keirse and Iain Chalmers, the possibility of co-editing a companion volume on elective birth. However, her premature death from breast cancer in 1983 ended her involvement. Iain Chalmers, Murray Enkin and Marc Keirse went on to publish Effective care in pregnancy and childbirth (ECPC) in 1989, dedicating the book in part to Anne. ECPC, through its systematic approach to assessing the research literature, is widely acknowledged to have led to development of a similar project for all of medicine and health, Cochrane. Anne Anderson was 46 years old when she died.

Why is this award important?

In the footsteps of Anne Anderson, many outstanding women continue to contribute and inspire other women to improve health knowledge for the good of their communities. Often these women are quiet achievers who might otherwise not be recognized. The goal of the Anne Anderson Award is to recognize and stimulate individuals contributing to the enhancement of women’s visibility and participation in the Cochrane leadership. The award is given to a Cochrane member who has contributed meaningfully to the promotion of women as leaders and contributors to the organization. 

When is the award given out?

The Award recipient will be announced at the Global Evidence Summit. The recipient receives a plaque from Cochrane honouring her contributions. The cash award of 3000 USD is designated by the recipient to assist a woman from a low-resource setting with Cochrane activities, who should provide a brief written report on how the funds have been used.

All donations to this fund will go towards the award. The money will be designated by the award recipient to assist a woman from a low-resource setting within Cochrane.

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Good luck with the walk. I would have liked to to join you but sadly my diary thought otherwise.




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Happy to be able to contribute! With many thanks for the great initiative and all best wishes, Liliya Eugenevna



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looking forward to an interesting walk for a great cause