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APSL Scholarship scheme provides a practical expression  to its vision of  ‘a prosperous Sri Lanka, where its children reach their full potential.‘

 Sri Lanka as a nation has a high regard for education and see it as a reliable way of overcoming poverty and achieving economic prosperity. That is a reason why Sri Lanka although a small island, punches way above its weight when it comes to academic achievement and world-class professionals. 

 Many Sri Lankan professionals in the UK owe their success to the high-quality education and good healthcare they had as children.  While education has been free in Sri Lanka since independence, it has become increasingly competitive and costly, putting good education beyond the reach of the poor. 

 While education has been free in Sri Lanka since the time of independence, it has increasingly become competitive and costly, putting a good education beyond the reach of poor children.

Its aim is to select children with potential who may be at risk of dropping out of education due to poverty,

Targeted at academically gifted children school of school age who may be at the risk of dropping out of education due to poverty, the aim of the scheme is to support them through secondary education up to university.  This would equip them for life, which in turn would benefit their families as well as entire communities; and ultimately the country as a whole.

It is a very flexible scheme to accommodate any donor to give any amount:

  1. APSL members as well as non-members,
  2. Individuals as well as corporates,
  3. One-off donation or regular contribution to the fund, or
  4. Sponsor one or more named children.

The Scholarship Scheme provides you with the opportunity to contribute to something noble and life-changing, by transforming a child’s life, especially a child with real potential, who may otherwise never blossom being held back by poverty.

Do something amazing—change a young life!

Select the amount you wish to give

£20.00  Food, travel, books and tuition fees:1 child/month

£40.00  Food, travel, books and tuition fees:2 kids/mnth

£240.00  Food, travel, books and tuition fees:1 child/year

£480.00  Food, travel, books and tuition fees:2 kids/year

£2400.00  Supports one 9 year old child through A Levels

Total donations: £2,975.00

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Hope the event went well Terry.

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Worthwhile cause - Best wishes.

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