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The Aspergillus Website provided vital support to doctors & researchers as well as patients & carers.

Doctors need a resource that enables them to quickly get up to date information on how to recognise, diagnose and treat all of the forms of aspergillosis that they may come across. These diseases are rare and thus the chances are that most doctors may see only one or two patients with one of these infections or allergies in their career. These potentially deadly infections are difficult to diagnose & difficult to treat without expert knowledge thus the Aspergillus Website provides full details.

Researchers of all fungal diseases are uncommon and widely spread across the world. In many developing countries resources are very limited. The Aspergillus WEbsite presents the latest information free of charge to all in the hope that with our help we can boost research efforts across the world and help reduce the impact of fungal diseases even in the poorest countries.

Patients & carers need accurate information on what aspergillosis is and how it will effect their lives. Most forms of chronic aspergillosis are currently incurable so it is important that we can bring together as many patients & carers as possible for mutual support. The absence of mutual support promotes anxiety and even severe depression and as aspergillosis is so rare few people will meet a fellow patient unless they can contact them in one of our communities.

As well as social support we provide the means of communication for people to learn more about their condition and to ask questions from validated online experts. There is a lot of potential for people searching for answers about such rare conditions to find inaccurate information, the patients section of the Aspergillus Website provides good information and advice. 

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Diana Ian and Eleanor


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In support of Kate who suffers with this condition.

Hans Maartenson



With special thanks to the Aspergillus Newsletter team and Dr. G. Atherton!

Jill Fairweather


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Greeting card sales



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Thank you for all the support and research to help people with various fungal infection conditions.



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Christmas card order from Catherine Atkinson Rusling



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Greeting cards for Jacqueline Cater



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Card order from Leslee Alexander

Jill Fairweather


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Sale of greetings cards

East Midlands Aspergillus Support Group



Money raised by selling Christmas cards, thanks go to Jill Fairweather, and a donation from Ron.

Jill Fairweather


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Car Stickers Linzi Adams


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