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Salmon & Trout Conservation
Salmon & Trout Conservation
Atlantic Salmon IUCN Red List Review

Atlantic Salmon IUCN Red List Review

Why we need your help

The Atlantic salmon is in serious danger of disappearing on our watch. Lack of awareness is a huge factor in public and Government indifference to its fate.

We want you to help change this by supporting our fundraising for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to reassess Atlantic salmon's global conservation status on its Red List of Threatened Species.

Atlantic salmon are widely acknowledged to have collapsed across their range. Currently treated as of "Least Concern", the global conservation status of Atlantic salmon in the IUCN Red List has not been fully assessed for more than 25 years.

The urgent need to reassess the Atlantic salmon's conservation status emerged at the 'Owned by Everyone' conference on salmon in December 2019, hosted by Cambridge Conservation Initiative and Pembroke College, Cambridge.

You may think - what difference will a new classification make? Recognition as a species of concern through IUCN Red List designation is more than a label, it is a platform that will help Atlantic salmon get the recognition and conservation resources they so desperately need.

Both IUCN and ourselves want to see this knowledge gap of Atlantic salmon rectified quickly, but we cannot carry out this vital work without your support. Please, whatever you can spare, donate now.


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