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Children with cancer often face long periods of time away from school, often in isolation. The use of a special robot called AV1 can provide them with a link to the outside world which can be so important.

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is delighted to be able to fund the use of this AV1 to Oscar Saxelby- Lee from Worcestershire (who is in hospital following a bone marrow transplant) as part of a pilot project.

Oscar’s mother, Olivia said:

“Something magical has happened, all thanks to the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust. Pitmaston Primary School have received their very own ‘Ozzybot.’ This means Oscar can engage in classroom activities, school life in and continue bonding with his peers from his hospital bed!.. Thank you so so much.”

Since Oscar's story was released, two more families have come forwards asking for help. We know there are many more as well as these two families. 

It costs £900 for the charity to rent and set up an AV1 device for a child for a 3 month period. Often these children will need them for 6 or more likely 12 months. 

All donations from this page will be used specifically to fund the AV1 project for local children.

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These AV1 Robots are a lifeline for children in hospital. Enabling them to maintain contact with their school friends, during their treatment, is absolutely essential to aiding their recovery.



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