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An overview of DBF
The Douglas Bader Foundation initially set out to help and support both children and adults who were affected by any form of limb loss, congenital or otherwise. We subsequently extended our charity remit to include people with physical disabilities and medically diagnosed mental health issues.

Please Support The Extraordinary Disabled Pilots Who Form ‘Bader’s Bus Company’ The First Ever Disabled Air Display Team

Bader’s Bus Company are the first ever British Disabled Air Display Team.  The Team was created in memory of Sir Douglas Bader the World War 2 Spitfire ace and double amputee whose life was immortalised in the classic movie ‘Reach For The Sky’.  They want to continue Douglas Bader’s important work of changing people’s perceptions of disability by representing the disabled community in the dangerous and highly skilled world of air display team performance.  The team need your help to continue and demonstrate to the world that disabled individuals are just as able and capable as everyone else. “We hope to inspire the disabled and able bodied alike, to be a positive force the helps encourage people to overcome their own challenges in life”.

This ambitious, unique and exciting project was created through the partnership of two fantastic independent British charities, The Douglas Bader Foundation and Aerobility and has taken many years of training to develop.

The Disabled Air Display Team Need Your Help

Bader’s Bus Company need your help to buy the specially adapted aerobatic aircraft that they need to perform.  The aircraft will also be used to help teach many other disabled pilots to develop their flying skills and to grow in confidence as well as ability.

“After my accident my mother saw a very broken young man, flying changed my life” Mark Salter (Bader’s Bus Company Trainee pilot)

Why Do The The Team Need The Aircraft?

There are two main reasons why the team require the aircraft.  The Team have currently been using the standard aircraft that are used by Aerobility the British Disabled Aviation Charity to introduce disabled individuals to flight.  These aircraft are used daily to teach disabled to fly and as such there simply isn’t the required availability for the team to use them to perform with at airshows. 

Secondly the aircraft are not built for aerobatic performance and any attempt to do so would be very dangerous.  As a result the teams performance is currently very restricted.  With a key aim being to change people’s perception of disability then it is vitally important that the team have the equipment they need to perform to the same standard as their able bodied counterparts.  

“We hope to impress people, not through our disability but through our collective flying ability” Alan Robinson (Bader’s Bus Company Pilot)

Without the new aircraft and the help to train new pilots it is unlikely that the team will be able to continue.  We would be incredibly grateful for any help that you can give.

Sir Richard Branson Talking About Douglas Bader 

“I was very fortunate to have known Douglas Bader as a child since my Aunt Clare was perhaps his best friend. He used to sit on the lawn and tell us stories of how he’d escaped on so many occasions from prisoner of war camps in Germany until they finally confiscated his legs. Being a 7 year old ‘Nasty’ myself, I used to run off with his legs to hide them only to find out that he could use his arms just as well as his legs and I never got far! His spirit of adventure had an enormous influence in my life as he had on millions of others. He literally reached for the sky.”

Richard Branson Unveiling Sir Douglas Bader’s Blue Plaque For English Heritage

The Douglas Bader Foundation

The Douglas Bader Foundation exists to advance and promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of persons who are born without or have lost one or more limbs, or are otherwise disabled.

“A Disabled Person Who Fights Back Is Not Disabled…But Inspired” Sir Douglas Bader


Aerobility is the leading British charity for disabled aviation.  They teach individuals with a broad range of disabilities, both physical and mental to fly.  They provide opportunities in aviation with the objective of improving the conditions of life.

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