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Five babies dependent on CPAP

Many of us are hugely privileged, and yet we don't realise it. Many of us will have been born in the safety of a well-equipped hospital, with a skilled midwifery and obstetric team around and access to first-class neonatal care should it be needed. For many of us those things were taken for granted and the things we actually contemplated may have been which music to play and what to wear during labour. Many of us never even considered that we might not survive child birth or that we might not take our newborn baby home alive.

Sadly for many women in the world delivering their baby is a terrifying experience, one that follows a fine line between life and death for both the mother and her newborn.


Picture of baby on oxygenWe take it for granted that when we need power it will be available. All day, every day. In many countries in the world this is not the case and Uganda is no exception. Power blackouts are very common, often occuring several times a day. Many of our smallest and sickest babies rely on a constant power supply to survive. Without it, within 30 minutes they will be dead. Every time power goes off it is a race against time to get the emergency generator switched on and sometimes we loose the race. 

Imagine if this were your baby. Born early and weighing less than a bag of sugar, you have been caring for, loving and nurturing his tiny body for the last 38 days. He is unable to breath without support from a machine that provides the pressure to keep his tiny lungs open. Each day he gets a little bit stronger and you long for the day soon when he will be able to go home. Then in the middle of the night there is a power cut. The machine supporting his breathing goes silent and stays silent. Tonight the generator is not working and power does not come back. 

This story is a true reflection of the challenge faced by the mothers, families and staff on the neonatal unit at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. Watch our video to see how it feels when a baby loses its life for the simple want of a steady power supply.

 Donate now to provide the power to save a life.

We are fundraising for a stable, solar powered power supply to run the neonatal unit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We continue to successfully reduce the number of our babies that die each month but as the number gets smaller we become more and more reliant on lifesaving technology that is driven by power.


Picture of worn out ward bed shared by four babies

Here in Mbale in eastern Uganda, with your support, we are lucky enough to have created a leading neonatal unit which admits sick neonates from miles around. As many of you know our neonatal unit has more than doubled from 100 to 220 admissions a month and alongside that we have reduced our mortality from 52% to 14%. That means that we have up to 5 babies and sometimes even 7, squeezed into one bed! 

The risk of transferring infections is huge when the babies are close and share beds. Overuse means that our beds are also threadbare and can not be cleaned effectively.

We are desperate to replace all 6 adult beds with newborn cots to give the newborns the dignity, care and safety that they deserve.

If we replace our 6 adult beds we have space to fit 27 baby cots! That's lots of safe and happy babies!

Donate now to provide a bed to keep a baby safe.

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£15.00  Help give a baby their own bed

£50.00  Give power to save a life

£220.00  £220 will buy one baby cot

£300.00  Solar panels - we need 8 please

£400.00  One battery we need 12 please

£2800.00  Inverter to convert sunshine to lifesaving power

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