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Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Bobath Winter Appeal 2017

Bobath Winter Appeal 2017

Why we need your help

“A super special place called the Bobath Centre”

Hello! I am Mayella and I'm 8 years old.  

I'm told I am very special. I love playing, school and days out.  My difference is that I have Cerebral Palsy, lung problems and growth problems. This all makes the things other children do a bit tricky for me.

My mummy and daddy have told me that I have these problems because I was born very, very, very early and was so poorly the doctors thought I would not make it a few times. It has been difficult and I've given my parents lots to worry about!

I was in hospital a long time when I was born and I've had the odd trip to one since. I have to see lots of different doctors, nurses, physios and therapists at lots of different hospitals. Some I like and some I don't! I've had different operations and lots of tests to see what's wrong with me.­­­

I try to be like everyone else, but it can be quite hard. I get upset and angry when I can't do something and have to miss out or have to do things differently. I know that I have difficulties but it frustrates me that my difficulties stop me being where I want to be.

I go to a super special place called the Bobath Centre. They've done a lot for me. They have helped my left arm go from being my bad arm to my cheeky hand! I can help mummy and daddy with getting me dressed now, and can roll over and sit much better.

When I saw my physio in January, she asked me what I wanted to be able to do. I said I wanted to wash myself, and do a bit of standing. I told mummy I really wanted to walk but I know I can't because lots of doctors and people have said I can't ever walk, I told mummy and daddy it was ok because I have my powered wheelchair.

When I went to the Bobath Centre they got me up on my feet with their walking frames and treadmill. I was so happy and they didn't even know what I had said to mummy and daddy. They said I do have the potential to walk! The Bobath Centre have since then worked lots and lots on my walking. They surprised me with my very own special blue walking frame. I love my walker and I love walking.

My legs make me happy now.


£60 subsidises one session of therapy

(Mayella's own words)


raised towards 5,000.00 target

 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.


Jo Postle

Christmas Donations for Bobath Wales


Jan 28, 2018


Dec 27, 2017


I found a five pound note on the pavement near the gates of the Bobath Centre on Christmas Day morning. It goes a little way to meeting your target. Best wishes for the festive season and for 2018.

(plus 1.25 giftaid)

Dec 07, 2017

Barbara Dennett Hodge PT USA


Dec 07, 2017

Dimitra Charalambous

Hi there Mayella, Do you remember Alexandra from when you were in Year 2 at Coteford Infant School. This is her mommy who is an OT and who works with Special Children like you. Alex misses you and often talks about you. Hope you?re well! Sending love x

(plus 3.75 giftaid)

Dec 02, 2017


Dec 02, 2017

Nanny and Granddad Coogan

The Bobath centre has really helped our beautiful granddaughter Mayella. Really wish we could donate more but we hope this helps. Lots of love


Dec 01, 2017

Uncle Edmund

We?re all very proud of you Mayella.

(plus 15.00 giftaid)


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