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Save The Gende Tesfa Breakfast Club

For the past two years money raised by children,  parents and teachers from Holy Trinity School in Cookham has funded breakfast for 72 children before they attend classes in Gende Tesfa School in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Many of these children are orphans or only have one parent. The community they are from in Gende Tesfa is a former leprosy colony and its people are still marginalised and discriminated against by people from the city. It is incredibly poor and there are few opportunities for people to make a decent living.

Funding for the Breakfast Club has run out - we urgently need to re-start this vital service. Children are going to school hungry and most will not eat until the evening, if they are lucky. This results in children unable to concentrate on their lessons or skipping school to go and beg for food. 

The school estimates there are 230 children, out of a total of 1077 students, who are assessed as vulnerable, usually because they have lost one or both parents.  The club not only provided them with breakfast, but also education and advice on health and sanitation. The club coordinator is a friendly and loving woman who acts as a mother figure to children whose lives are chaotic and without structure. She provides love, advice and stability to children who are growing up in desperate situations.

Our target initially is to raise funds for 50 of the most vulnerable children and if we reach this we want to go on and provide a place in the Breakfast Club for all 230 children.

This amounts to about £124 per child per year, and if we provided facilities for 50 children, we need to raise £6,200.

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Zach Ramsey



For Zachary's Birthday.



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Happy birthday to Zachary, from Luke



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Happy Birthday Z ! What a kind thing to do x

T Man


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What a lovely thing to do for your birthday list ZE. Such a worthwhile cause. Happy Birthday.

Harry M


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Liam Jazz and Ellie


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Please please keep running the breakfast club! This is so vital to Gende Tesfa children. Sarah you and your family have been such an inspiration. x




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