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The White Eagle Lodge Temple at New Lands was established in 1974 to serve as a beacon of light, energy, healing and hope for the thousands of people who have passed under its beautiful dome and for those who have felt its radiating presence around the world.

The passing of time in the physical world, however, has not been kind on the temple with severe internal damp, rot and mould setting in beyond repair. Thankfully, after a lot of hard work, we're finally in a position to begin construction of a new temple so beautifully unique, its structure will benefit from the reservoir of light left behind by the first. This will enable us to continue sending out the Light and provide healing to those most in need.

However, as with any significant building project, we are carefully budgeting and deciding what features we can currently afford. We expect to identify a number of ‘extras’, including inner material furnishings, that will be required to further enhance this beautiful building and space.

This is why the 'Bricks of Light' New Temple Appeal has been launched; to ask if you can kindly provide a donation to help bring this profound, yet enlightening vision to full fruition (any donation, no matter the size, is gratefully received and will be carefully used).

All donors of £100 or more will receive a unique DVD containing a short film of the existing temple.  

Thank you.

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Maureen Andrews


Pat Russell



Levente Szabo



“Look forward, look forward, look forward, not only with hope, but also with conviction, to the coming of the brotherhood of life on earth” - White Eagle / With Love from Hungary /




Thank you for all of your kind healing prayers ..:)



Fiona Vacha


£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)



£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

Anthony Bedford


£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

Rosalind Harrison


£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

My emotions are very mixed in saying 'farewell' to the temple which has given me peace in times of turmoil in my life. I am so happy that there will be a new Temple of light on the hill and I look forward to the dvd of memories, Rosalind.


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