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Cambridge Samaritans
Cambridge Samaritans

Cambridge Samaritans Development Project

Why we need your help


Cambridge Samaritans Re-development Project 

Someone contacts Samaritans every six seconds, and every single day around 16 people decide to end their own life across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Cambridge Samaritans provides emotional support locally and nationally to callers to alleviate their feelings of despair and distress, and therefore reduce the likelihood of them taking their own life. Cambridge Samaritans are here 24/7; last year alone our branch took 26,073 calls, sent 1,615 emails and 2,262 texts, and had 220 face-to-face meetings. We spent 9,562 hours on the phone.

We are entirely run and managed by 170 unpaid volunteers, who not only take calls but also train new Samaritansprovide internal support, and manage branch administration. Cambridge Samaritans works with local organisations including Jimmy’s Night ShelterLittlehey PrisonNetwork Rail, and local schools and colleges.

 Our challenge is that we just can't answer all the callers (and visitors) who so urgently need our support. Our current premises are just too small and constricted. We would like to increase our Cambridge support capacity by 50% - and that means radically amending the layout of our existing building.

Please help by donating whatever you can to our Cambridge Samaritans development appeal - or if you would like to further discuss a gift to support us, please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte Berrill – Vice Director and Secretary to the Trustees at 4 Emmanuel Rd, Cambridge CB1 1JW.

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