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Cancer in Sri Lanka is rapidly on the rise, especially in some of the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. These are rural areas which have very limited access to medical facilities required for treatment. Those diagnosed with cancer from such areas need to travel at least 50km to receive further medical advice or treatment.

We had a chance to meet the people in some of these regions including Killinochi, Mullaitheevu, Vavuniya and Maangulam. It became evident that some of the people don’t even know what cancer is. There is a clear lack of knowledge about the disease and how it can be prevented or cured. This is particularly seen in these areas compared to other parts of Sri Lanka because they have already been severely affected by the civil war, which took place in 2009.

We will be working with CANE (CANCER AID FOR NORTH AND EAST) to achieve our goals. 

Our aim for this campaign is to:

1. Mainly increase the awareness about cancer by conducting awareness programmes and medical camps for cancer diagnosis.  Preventing cancer and early diagnosis is where our limited resources could be most beneficial.

2. Financially help cancer diagnosed people for further medical treatment, within our limited resources.

3. Financially and medically support already diagnosed patients.

Many people are financially struggling to pay for hospital expenses, transportation charges, costly medicines and medical treatments. Your contribution will help them to bear some of these expenses.

Some of the identified ways in which your money will be spent are, arranging medical camp at remote villages,  bearing the cost of transportation for cancer diagnosed people to hospitals for treatments, bearing the cost of medicine, cost of accommodation etc.

Together we can overcome this problem. Please donate generously for this event.

Your every pound could help to save a life, including that of children and mothers.

The event will be held on Saturday, 7th of July 2018 at Richmond Park.  

We welcome you and your family to participate in the run and raise the funds to beat cancer in  Sri Lanka. 

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well done



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Good luck Saath and Team. Have a great run



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Good Initiative, all the best



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A very good cause and a great work from all of you. Best Wishes


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